Cookies Policy

1. What are cookies?

The website of CRITERIA CAIXA, SA,, uses cookies. Cookies are small data files that are sent to users’ computers, mobiles or other access devices when they visit a website. Cookies let information be obtained on users’ browsing history or codes that can uniquely identify each user.

2. Cookie types and usage purposes

When browsing this website, session cookies and persistent cookies are employed that, in turn, may be own or third party cookies.

Session cookies are cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page. They tend to be employed to store information that only needs to be kept to provide the service requested by the user a single time.

Persistent cookies are a type of cookie where the data continue to be stored on the terminal and they can be accessed and handled for a period defined by the cookie manager, which may range from a few minutes to several years.

OWN COOKIES: Those created or managed by the party in charge of the CRITERIA CAIXA, SA website. The website uses its own cookies for these purposes:


Let a user browse through a website, platform or application and use the different options or services that are on the site, such as controlling traffic and data communications, identifying the session, accessing sections with restricted access, and using security features while browsing.


These are the ones that are used to follow-up and analyse web user behaviour and draw up browser profiles, to improve the goods and/ or services on offer, based on an analysis of the usage data.

THIRD-PARTY COOKIES: These are administered by outsourced analysis service providers of CRITERIA CAIXA, SA.

3. Deactivating and deleting cookies

The majority of web browsers let users set their preferences on the use of cookies at any time. Users can configure their browsers to reject cookies or delete specific cookies, in accordance with their preferences.

To change settings for cookies, users can go to:

Google Chrome: Tools → Settings → Show Advanced settings → Content settings → Cookies → Block site data and the third-party cookies

Mozilla Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy → History → Use a personalized settings for history (deselect all boxes)

Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet options → Privacy → Internet settings (find Block all cookies on the toolbar)

Safari: Edit → Preferences → Privacy → Block cookies (select “always”)

Opera 19: Menu → Settings → Privacy and security → Cookies (select Block third-party cookies and site data)

Users may revoke their consent for using cookies on their browser by following the instructions above.

Users must bear in mind that some features of the contents of the website are only available if they permit the installation of cookies on their browsers. If a user decides to not accept or block specific cookies (depending on their purpose), this may totally or partially affect the normal operation of the website or prevent access to some of its services.

4. Updates and changes to the Cookies Policy

CRITERIA CAIXA, SA may modify this Cookies Policy depending on new legislative or regulatory requirements, or with the aim of adapting this policy to the instructions decreed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

When there are significant changes to this Cookies Policy, users will be notified via an information message on the website.