1.    What are cookies?

The website of CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U., www.criteriacaixa.com, uses cookies and other files with a similar functionality.

Cookies are small data files that websites install on the user's device, for example to ensure their proper use, learn about the user’s browsing habits and enhance the user’s experience in subsequent visits. When browsing through this website, session cookies and persistent cookies are employed, which in turn can be either first-party or third-party cookies.

Session cookies are designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a website.

Persistent cookies are a type in which the data stays stored on the user's terminal and which the entity responsible for the cookie can access and process for a specific period of time (from a few minutes to several years).

2.    Purpose of cookies and third parties / configuration and rejection of cookies

Below are the types of cookies used on the website of CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U. By unchecking any of them, the website's experience will become limited.

FIRST-PARTY COOKIES: They are created or managed by CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U. as the entity responsible for the website www.criteriacaixa.com. This website uses first-party cookies for the following purposes:


They enable users to browse through the website and use the different options or utilities available, e.g. controlling traffic and data communication and using security elements during navigation.

They enable users to specify or personalise some of the features of the website’s general options, e.g. set the language, the screen backgrounds, the sections marked as favourites, the type of browser used to access the service, etc.

    They enable users to monitor and analyze the behavior of the website's users, with the aim of introducing improvements based on the analysis of data relating to the website's use.

      THIRD-PARTY COOKIES: They are administered by technical, analysis, social media, customization and advertising service providers other than CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U.

      Below is a list of the third parties that can configure and access cookies in your equipment (not without previously informing you and receiving your consent) and the purposes for which the information stored is used:

      They enable users to browse our website, platform or application using the various options or services that we offer you, e.g. viewing videos or sharing content via social media.

        They enable users to personalise some of the features of our website (e.g. your preferred language, the number of search results you want to see per page, if you want to activate the Google SafeSearch filter, the browser you are using to access the website or your choice of volume level when you view videos)..

          They enable users to monitor and analyze the behavior of the website's users, with the aim of introducing improvements based on the analysis of data relating to the website's use.

            They enable users to manage the advertising spaces included on our website, application or platform based on criteria such as the content viewed or the frequency in which the adverts are shown.

              These cookies store information about users' behaviour, obtained from their browsing habits. The data allows us to develop an individual profile and show adverts based on your likes and interests.

                By not accepting some of the cookies, you will not be able to access all the information available on the website

                To accept all cookies, click on this button:

                Users can revoke their consent to the use of cookies on their browser via the options provided by the browser's manufacturer or by installing an opt-out system via the links of some third parties that install cookies on this website:

                3.    Deactivating or removing cookies.

                Most browsers allow managing the users' cookie preferences at any given time. Users can set their browser to reject or delete certain cookies according to their criteria.

                Users can configure the cookies by accessing the following links:

                Users can revoke their consent to the use of cookies on their browser by installing a plug-in or opt-out system provided by some of the third parties that install cookies on the website:

                Users must bear in mind that some characteristics of the content of the website www.criteriacaixa.com are available only if the installation of cookies is permitted on their browser. If you decide not to accept or block certain cookies, depending on their purpose, it may affect totally or partially the website's normal functioning or prevent access to some of its services.

                4. Personal data processing
                4.1 Controller

                The controller is CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U., whose full corporate information is:

                CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U.
                Tax ID number (CIF): A-63379135
                Address: Palma de Mallorca, Plaza Weyler, nº 3
                Telephone: 93 409 21 21

                4.2 Contact details of the Data Protection Officer

                You may contact the Data Protection Officer at the following email: dpo@criteria.com.

                4.3 Purpose of the processing and lawfulness

                The purpose of the processing is included in "Purpose of cookies and third parties / configuration and rejection of cookies".

                4.4 Lawfulness of processing

                The lawfulness of processing is the user's consent, which can be managed and revoked in "Purpose of cookies and third parties / configuration and rejection of cookies" and "Deactivating or removing cookies".

                4.5 Data recipients

                CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U. will share the data collected with:

                • Public bodies or authorities in order to comply with any legal requirement, as well as to service providers or third parties in order to manage and execute cookies.
                • Service providers acting on our behalf as processors: Google and Adobe Analytics.

                With regard to the third-party cookies identified in section 2 "Purpose of cookies and third parties / configuration and rejection of cookies", bear in mind that these cookies are either sent from a domain not managed by CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U., but by the corresponding third party, or from the domain www.criteriacaixa.com, but the data collected is managed by that third party.

                4.6 Transfers to third countries

                The data processing is carried out generally by service providers within the European Economic Area or in countries which have been deemed to have a suitable level of protection.

                In other cases, CRITERIA CAIXA S.A.U. guarantees the security and legitimacy of the data processing by demanding from its providers that they have binding corporate regulations that guarantee the protection of data in a similar way as those established by European regulations; that they adhere to the Privacy Shield, if they are service providers in the USA; or that they subscribe the standard clauses of the European Union.

                4.7 Data conservation

                The data will be processed while the granted authorizations for use remain in force. In accordance with data protection regulations, this data shall be conserved during the limitation period established for the actions arising from said authorizations, with the aim of complying with the legal obligations required by CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U., and of filing, exercising or defending claims.

                4.8 Exercising rights and claims before the competent authority related to data protection / Rights of interested parties

                CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U. hereby informs you that you may exercise your rights to access, rectify, delete, oppose or restrict the processing or transfer of your data, as well as to withdraw your consent to any or all processing of your data, by sending an email to dpo@criteria.com or a written request with the reference “Personal Data” to Avinguda Diagonal, 621-629, 08028 (Barcelona); providing a copy of your National ID card or document proving your identity and admitted by Law, or in the event of representation, a supporting document; and including an address for notification purposes.

                If you have any queries regarding your personal data or the processing thereof carried out by CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U., do not hesitate to contact us by any of the above-mentioned means.

                CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U. hereby informs you that you have the right to file a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), the competent authority on the subject of data protection.

                5. Updates and changes to the Cookies Policy

                CRITERIA CAIXA, S.A.U. may modify this Cookies Policy in accordance with any new legislative or regulatory requirements or in order to adapt it to the instructions laid down by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

                When significant changes occur in this Cookies Policy, the user will be informed via a notice on the website.