Isabel Estapé Tous

Member of the Board of Directors. Independent.

Born in Barcelona, 1957.

Member of the Board of Directors of CriteriaCaixa since December 2013, President of the Appointments and Remuneration Committee since its creation in 2014, member of the Audit and Control Committee since its creation in 2014 and member of the Executive Committee since its creation in March 2019.

Graduated in Economics and Business Studies with A Grade Cum Laude, from the Central University of Barcelona (Extraordinary Prize).

Joined the Stock Exchange as a broker, acting as Agent in Barcelona (1982-1989). Member of the Board of Directors of the Barcelona Stock Exchange (1989-1990) and of the Madrid Stock Exchange (1990-1995).

She was an Adviser to the Madrid Stock Exchange (1990-1995), a role that she carried out together with that of Notary.

She was a member of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of Criteria CaixaCorp (now CaixaBank) until 2013.

She is also a qualified auditor. She has been a Notary in Madrid since the year 2000. She is an academic Adviser and member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Market Studies (IEB) and the Spanish Directors' Association (AED).

Currently she teaches the Introduction to the Financial Economy module in the Law School of the Complutense University of Madrid. Additionally she is a member of International Women´s Forum, of the Spanish Confederation of Directors and Executives (CEDE), and of the Business Council Alliance for Latin America (CEAPI).

She is Deputy Chairwoman of the Civic Panel, Trustee of the Fundación Rojas Estapé, and she also works with several charitable organizations (Fundación Ciudad de la Alegría, ACNAR, CODESPA, etc).

Latest update: March 2019.