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CriteriaCaixa reaffirms its commitment to Naturgy’s project and management team
Foto sede Naturgy
02 April 2024

Barcelona, April 2, 2024.- CriteriaCaixa, holding company managing ”la Caixa” Foundation’s business assets, wants to express its commitment to the Naturgy industrial project as a long-term investor, being its main shareholder since decades.

In this sense, CriteriaCaixa – with Isidro Fainé as Chairman and Ángel Simón as CEO- reiterates its explicit support for the transformation plan in which Naturgy is involved, run by the company’s management team which is led by Chairman & CEO Francisco Reynés. riteriaCaixa endorsed this support today with the positive vote on the different points on the agenda of Naturgy’s General Shareholders Meeting, including the advisory vote related to the Annual Report on the Remuneration of Members of the Board of Directors.

As the first investment holding company in Spain, CriteriaCaixa’s investment in Naturgy is strategic, with a long-term vision, a vocation for permanence and the objective of safeguarding and consolidating its shareholder remuneration policy. CriteriaCaixa received a total of €388 million in dividends in 2023, which are key to finance “la Caixa” Foundation social action.

CriteriaCaixa’s position also obeys the aim of ensuring the highest shareholder stability to Naturgy, which constitutes a strategic company for the country’s economy and energy supply.