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Investment portfolio

CriteriaCaixa manages an asset portfolio that combines significant shareholdings in strategic sectors, with a growing portfolio of diversified investments.

Key data


€bn GAV


€bn NAV


highly liquid assets

GAV: gross asset value / NAV: net asset value
Data as of 31 December 2023
€bn = billion

How do we invest?

At CriteriaCaixa we invest in leading companies and in sectors identified as more attractive due to their growth, moderate risk profile, price and profitability, with a suitable dividend policy and prioritising liquid assets to ensure a regular inflow of income.

The company does not operate as a purely financial investor. It maintains active management and solid financial discipline across all its investments through value creation, with a long-term, non-speculative and ethical vision.

CriteriaCaixa carefully selects its investments, committed to sustainability, transparency and contribution to society.

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Long-term value creation

Icono red de personas

Active investment management

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Diversified portfolio

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Requirement of sustainability and transparency

Where do we invest?

CriteriaCaixa divides its equity portfolio into strategic portfolio and diversification portfolio.

The strategic portfolio is the backbone of the company’s assets and is mainly composed of significant shareholdings in top-tier companies. In these investees, CriteriaCaixa is a significant shareholder with proximity to management, lending it strategic influence, either with or without a presence on the governing bodies.

The diversification portfolio consists mainly of minority shareholdings in listed equities. This portfolio is managed with a focus on growth and value creation. It is managed taking into account liquidity, diversification, the economic sectors where the companies operate, and the locations where they are present (OECD countries, basically from Europe and North America). To a lesser extent, the portfolio also incorporates investments in unlisted businesses with the aim of creating long-term value.

CriteriaCaixa also manages a portfolio of real estate assets focused on their transformation, with an emphasis on the purchase and development of both rental office properties and high-value residential assets for rent or sale.

Global portfolio
    [valores_diversificacion] => Array
            [percent] => 11
            [value] => 2.5
            [color] => #93D24F

    [valores_estrategica] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [label] => Infrastructures and communication services
                    [percent] => 7
                    [value] => 1.6
                    [color] => #4fcdff

            [1] => Array
                    [label] => Energy
                    [percent] => 32
                    [value] => 7
                    [color] => #0598d3

            [2] => Array
                    [label] => Banking
                    [percent] => 50
                    [value] => 11
                    [color] => #0373a4


    [valores_azul] => Array
            [percent] => 18
            [value] => 2.2

    [valores_naranja_oscuro] => Array
            [label] => Bancario
            [percent] => 47
            [value] => 9.7

Total listed portfolio
22.1 €bn
2.5 €bn
Listed diversification portfolio
Infrastructures and communication services
1.6 €bn
7 €bn
11 €bn

Data as of 31 December 2023
€bn = billion